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User Guide


Now you can activate your new ATM card using our fast, efficient and easy to use automated services.

For the activation of your new ATM card;

  • Dial 021-32402923 from your registered mobile number
  • Select your preferred language as 'Urdu' or 'English'
  • If you are calling from the mobile number registered with the Bank, the system will send you a 4-digit OTP to verify
  • If you have the same mobile number on multiple profiles, the system will ask for your CNIC and send a 4-digit OTP to verify
  • On successful OTP verification, the system will ask for the last 4-digit of card number and expiry date mentioned on your card
  • Once verified, the system will ask for the 4-digit ATM PIN of your choice
  • Fantastic! Your ATM card is activated now


If you are our TPIN registered customer, you’ll be able to complete most of your day to day banking using our user-friendly IVR services. The IVR services will let you take care of your day-to-day banking needs at any time and place that suits you, so there’s no need to line up in the queues anymore.

With our fast and simple automated services, you can:

  • Check your account balance and recent transactions
  • Activate and Block ATM Card
  • Order a cheque Book
  • Credit Card PIN Issuance

How to Register

  • To make the most of our Contact Center services, you are required to have a 4-digit Telephonic Personal Identification Number. To have a TPIN, you can call us on 021-111825888 and our Customer Care representative will help you to generate one
  • You must call us from the number registered with the Bank
  • The TPIN can be used for self-serve IVR banking as well as an alternative means of verification at agent-assisted services


Call us 021-111825888 whenever you need to manage your account

Enter your CNIC, and four digits of your Telephonic Personal Identification Number (TPIN) to verify

If you are calling from your registered number, the system won’t ask your CNIC and give you TPIN option straight away

Congratulation! Now you have entered into the world of self-serve banking

From here, if you want to speak to customer care representatives, you will be prioritized in the queue

Lines are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week

Automated Voice Service

Interactive Voice Response system menu layout

Our state-of-the-art system will offer you a higher level of confidential banking by phone and enable you to carry out transactions on your own using telephonic keys

Here is your step-by-step guide to our automated voice service:

1. Dial UBL Contact Center on 021-111825888.

2. Opt for your desired language by pressing the relevant digit on your telephone ‘1’ for Urdu or ‘2’ for English.

3. For self-service banking choose option-3 on the main menu, "For balance inquiry and account information"

4. The automated system will ask your CNIC number if you are not calling from a registered number

5. If you have a TPIN, the system will ask to verify it

6. If you don’t have a TPIN, the system will transfer your call for human assistance

7. On successful TPIN verification, you will listen to your account balance instantly

8. Now you have entered into the self-serve menu; the system will make your personalized product tree, e.g. ‘1’ for Credit Cards, ‘2’ for Branch Banking and so on

9. Simply, follow the voice prompts and select options to complete your transaction

10. The automated voice system will repeat your transaction or inquiry details so that you have a chance to accept or reject the details.



Press 1 – For Card Activation and Blocking

Press 2 – For Digital App & Internet Banking

Press 3 – For IVR Self-Service Banking

Press 4 – For Complaint and Request Inquiry


Press 1 – Branch Banking

Press 2 – Credit Cards

Press 3 – Loan Accounts.

Press 4 – TPIN Change.