UBL Good Citizen Account

UBL Good Citizen Account


Being a Pakistani citizen, it’s our responsibility to contribute towards the progress and prosperity of our nation. One of the key roles of every citizen is to pay their taxes regularly and in a transparent manner.

UBL is offering a unique new banking product, UBL Good Citizen Account. As an Active Tax Payer, you can avail multiple benefits being offered by our state, but with this product, you can avail several additional benefits as a reward from UBL.

UBL Good Citizen Benefit

I. Benefits offered by the state:

  • Lower tax rates on at source deduction on profits
  • Lower tax rates on buying, selling & transferring of motor vehicles & property
  • And much more, under tax laws.

II. Benefits offered by UBL:

  • Tax facilitation with highly professional tax consultants - BeFiler
  • Free General Banking Charges & Fees
  • Free Debit Card
  • Free Accidental Death and Disability Insurance

Additional benefits, if the customer maintains Rs.5 lakh monthly average balance:

  • Auto loan or home loan or small business loan at a current effective rate of 12.5% p.a.
  • Free ATM cash withdrawals from any bank, anywhere in Pakistan
  • Free funds transfer to any bank, anywhere in Pakistan via UBL Digital App, internet banking and ATMs

The UBL Good Citizen Account will be opened through existing account opening procedures (through branches).

About BeFiler

An independent tax advisory firm has associated itself with UBL in order to render their professional services. It comprises of specialised teams with diverse experience to assist UBL Good Citizen Account customers with professional tax advisory and filing of tax returns at a discounted rate of Rs. 2200/-.

Registration: Rs. 400
Tax Filing: Rs. 1800

However, UBL's role is limited as a facilitator between BeFiler and the potential customers of the product.

Tax Facilitation – Branch Process:

  • Customer will be informed about product benefits and its tax facilitation/registration/filing feature.
  • Branch will check the customer tax filer status from ATL list.
  • If a customer is a non-filer and opts to avail tax related services, Branch will provide a simplified tax form to customer for tax registration & filing.
  • The customer will provide all the details in the fields required for NTN registration and tax filing.
  • After the customer has filled complete information, branch will scan the copy of the tax form and deposit slip and will send to BeFiler.
  • BeFiler will contact the customer through a callback.
  • For Tax Return Filing, BeFiler’s TAT is 2 working days, provided all the requisite information is complete.


  • Terms and conditions apply.
  • Auto/home/small business loan rates are subject to money market movements. Rates may change in future.
  • The discount on loans, ATM off us transactions and funds transfer to any bank in Pakistan via App, ATMs and net banking will be given in the form cash refund, paid in the customer' s account within first week of next month.
  • Customers can avail cashback against one loan only, with the lowest instalment available in the product catalogue. However, if the customer locks 500K, then he/she can avail auto loan at the effective rate of 9.75% directly, instead of the cashback.
  • The Bank shall not be liable for any action or lack thereof on the part of a third party (BeFiler).
    The customer hereby indemnifies and holds harmless the Bank against any loss, liability or damages arising from utilization of services of a third party whether if the same were referred to the customer by the Bank or not. The customer shall at all times exercise his good judgement and conduct their own due diligence prior to utilizing any services recommended by the Bank or offered by a third party on behalf of the Bank.

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