Regular Income Plans
Mutual Funds
Our diverse array of mutual funds and plans offer regular payouts to our investors.

Regular Income Plans

Our Investment Plans

The primary goal of a large number of investors is to ensure that they earn a consistent stream of income to meet their household expenses. Using our Regular Income Plans set aside some of your money in income funds and plans to ensure that you can meet all your obligations in a timely manner.

Selecting the Right Plan

At UBL Funds we offer both conventional and Shariah Compliant investment options to cater to all types of investors . Please view the available options to see which of the offered plans/funds are most suited to your needs. If you feel that the products available do not meet your requirements , please contact our team using the information provided on the Contact Us Page in this section to guide you further.

Disclaimer: All investments in mutual funds and pension funds are subject to market risks. The NAV of units may go up or down based on market conditions. Past Performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.