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United Bank brings you a simple & convenient way to open, fund & operate a bank account in Pakistan.

NRP Direct

Simply Revolutionary!

United Bank brings you a simple & convenient way to open, fund & operate a bank account in Pakistan. NRP Direct facilitates you to manage your bank account remotely from anywhere in the world, round the clock. Now feel at home with your NRP Direct account!

Features and Benefits
  • Online Communication
    With NRP Direct no physical presence is required; you can be in the comfort of your home and still have a bank account in your native hometown. It’s easy, convenient and the first & only service of its kind ever to be launched for Non-resident Pakistanis!
  • PKR Accounts Operable Nationwide
    The first-of-its-kind service to be launched by any bank in Pakistan, the NRP Direct account can be operated like any other regular account. The PKR account will be operable anywhere in Pakistan.
  • Primary and Supplementary ATM Cards
    NRP Direct customers will also be issued a primary and supplementary ATM card. With a UBL ATM card you can withdraw money from any ATM in Pakistan for easy access to cash.
  • Cheque Book
    To get your cheque book, all you have to do is order, download & mail us the cheque book requisition form and the cheque book will be delivered at your doorstep.

    In case you have already chosen the cheque book option in the account opening form, then you do not need to order it separately.
  • UBL Netbanking
    With your NRP Direct account you are directly linked to all the exciting features and benefits of Netbanking- absolutely free. You can:
    • Monitor and manage your bank account with 24/7 access.
    • View real time balances, statements and receive alerts.
    • Instant funds transfer to any bank account across Pakistan.
    • Enjoy the convenience of paying bills remotely for countrywide telcos & utility bill companies.
    • Schedule recurring payments on weekly/monthly basis.
    • Order your Primary/Supplementary ATM card.
    • Send gifts to anyone in Pakistan from our alliances and pay through Netbanking.
    • Invest in Pakistan by sitting abroad via our e-IPO and funds investment portfolio.

These features and many more make this facility the first of its kind to be offered by any bank in Pakistan.

Rates & Charges

Description Charges
Initial Deposit PKR 50,000 (Cheque should be in local currency equivalent of PKR 50,000)
Minimum Avg. Monthly Balance (MAMB) PKR 50,000
Cheque Clearing Charges(Initial Deposit Cheque only) 0.6% of the initial deposit or $16 whichever is lower
Cheque Clearing Charges 0.6% of the initial deposit or $7 whichever is higher
Minimum Balance Fee PKR 50
Annual ATM Card Fee (Primary) Waived
Annual ATM Card Fee (First Supplementary) Waived
Cheque book Fee (50 Leaves) As per SOC
Annual Net Banking - Subscription Fee Waived
International Mailing Charges PKR 2500/-
Zakat Deduction Exempt

Personalized Customer Support

Get personalized support from us anytime, write to us at or call us on 021-111-825-888 / (+9221) 2446949.


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