UBL Secured Personal Loan
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UBL Secured Personal Loan

Key Features

  • Financing available up to PKR 5 million.
  • Convenient & affordable monthly Installments
  • Quick and hassle-free Processing
  • Get Loans up to 85% of vehicle value
  • Comprehensive vehicle insurance
  • Early settlement option

Eligibility Criteria

  • Salaried individuals maintaining accounts with UBL/or any other bank
  • Self Employed individual/Professions maintaining account with UBL/or any other bank

Salaried (Min 21 Years and Max 60 Years at the time maturity)

SEB/SEP (Min 21 Year and Max 65 Years at the time of maturity)

Documentation Requirement


  • Copy of valid CNIC
  • Latest available salary slip
  • Employment Proof
  • Two recent passport size photographs
  • Salary credit bank statements if salary is not transferred in UBL

Self Employed Professionals / Businesspersons

  • Bank letter mentioning length of business – minimum 12 months
  • Two recent passport size photographs
  • Copy of valid CNIC
  • NTN Certificate/Business Proof (if applicable)

UBL Secured Personal Loan FAQs

1. What is UBL Secured Personal Loan?

UBL Secured Personal loan is the Term based Personal Finance product in which Bank shall finance to individuals/Customers for the personal need/purpose such as payments of goods, services, and expenses against the vehicle. Bank shall disburse the payment after marking of HPA on original excise file of the Vehicle owned by Customer.

2. How is Secured Personal Loan different from standard Personal loan?

A secured personal loan is like a financial safety net. Unlike a standard personal loan, it requires collateral, like your car or lien on deposit. This benefit will provide an ease to customer on lower interest rates with higher financing limits and easier loan process.

3. What is the maximum Finance limit is available for UBL Secured Personal loan?

Maximum Rs 5,000,000/-

Note: Finance amount shall not exceed the limit of either 85% of the market/Estimated value of the vehicle or Rs 5 million whichever is less Market Value of the vehicle shall be assessed/ascertained by Bank approved Auto Drive Car Listed Dealerships.

  • Loan can be offered up to 85% of appraised value of the vehicle. This will be assessed/ascertained by Bank approved Auto Drive Car Listed Dealerships.
  • In case of Lien Deposit, finance amount shall not exceed the limit of 90% of the deposit amount maintained in UBL

*Terms and Conditions apply

4. What Type of Cars Can be considered for UBL Secured Personal loan?

As per bank approved vehicle list. Click here

5. Who can apply for UBL Secured Personal loan?

  • Salaried
  • Self Employed Professionals
  • Self Employed Businesspersons

6. What is the tenure of the UBL secured Personal Loan?

Minimum 12 months to Maximum 48 months.

7. What is the Pricing Mechanism of UBL Secured Personal Loan?

UBL Secured Personal loan Pricing mechanism is fixed.

8. How will I know my monthly installments?

You will receive the Repayment Schedule in a Welcome Pack after the loan disbursement in your account.

9. What is lien-based deposit financing?

Customer should have liability account with UBL and willing to mark lien for deposit account as collateral against secured personal loan facility.

10. How can I make the repayment of the facility?

Following options are available for the repayment of the facility:

  • Minimum or Full payment direct debit option from the account

Incase installment amount is not available in account :

  • Via Funds transfer into your account in UBL and Bank will Auto Debit the instalment. (Preferred)
  • You can deposit funds into the designated account
  • Make over the counter payment by walking in the Branch into your account

11. When will I get the facility?

  • You will get the loan as soon as,
    • In case of vehicle is collateral, the loan will be disbursed after successful hypothecation is marked by respective Excise & Taxation office.
    • In case of lien over deposits, once confirmation for lien is received from respective Branch/Operations function.

12. Where can I lodge my complaint?

You can avail one of the following options to lodge your complaint:

  • Visit the branch and submit a written complaint
  • Use the complaint box placed in the branches
  • Call at our contact center at 111-825-888 (UAN)

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