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Step 1

Fill out the Account Opening Form

Download the Account Opening Form, take a print out of it and fill out all the fields correctly especially your contact information. The Account opening form can easily be downloaded in a few seconds. Make sure you have Acrobat PDF installed on your computer.

Download forms here

Form Checklist

Make sure you’ve filled out the these fields in the form

  • Email address
  • Contact number
  • International address

Step 2

Attach Notarized documents & cheque

Once you have filled out the form, attach the requisite NOTARIZED documents as stated in the Documentation section below.

PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL DOCUMENTS MUST BE ATTESTED BY A NOTARY PUBLIC. Your account opening form will not be processed if the documents sent are not notarized.

Mail the completed form with the documents and cheque to: ADC Operations, 2nd Floor, UBL Warehouse Building, Plot# 1 & 2, ‘C’ Group. Molvi Tamizuddin Khan Road (Queens Road), Karachi. Pakistan. Postal Code: 75600

Documents Checklist

Make sure you’ve attached these Notarized documents with the form

  • Notarized Salary slip
  • Notarized Proof of Employment
  • Notarized Reference of Employer
  • Notarized Proof of Business e.g. License; in case of Self-Employed Person
  • Notarized Copy of Passport; having valid visa on it OR any other proof of legal stay along with passport
  • Notarized Copy of NICOP / Smart NICOP / POC
  • Notarized Bank Account Statement
  • Notarized Declaration for Source of funds in case of Housewives

Step 3

30 days is all it takes

Once you’ve mailed the form to us, we will begin your account opening processing. It usually takes 30 to 35 working days if the form is correctly & completely filled and the documents are duly NOTARIZED. In this duration you can also fill out the Primary and/ or supplementary ATM card request form if you haven’t done so already.

You will receive an email notification from us once your account is opened and your cheque book and ATM card will be sent to your specified addresses. You can then activate your FREE Netbanking service to manage your account.

You can contact us on or call us on 021-111-825-888 / (+9221) 32446949 to get help on any of the above mentioned steps.

Don’t forget to

  • Ensure ALL the documents you courier to us are attested by a notary public.
  • Review the Schedule of Charges for minimum balance, activation fee and other requirements.
  • Keep in mind that the cheque book delivery will take 10 working days and the ATM card will take 3 weeks after the account opening.
  • Note that NRP Account can only be funded via Home Remittances and restricts local credit facilities, which means that no Cash/Cheque deposit or Transfer can be made in this account locally in Pakistan, as per SBP guidelines.