UBL Ameen Employee Banking
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UBL Ameen Employee Banking

Shariah Compliant payroll solution with multiple benefits

UBL Ameen Employee Banking (UBL Ameen@Work) offers a Shariah Compliant Solution for a low cost and automated salary disbursement mechanism with multiple benefits for Corporates/Employers and Employees. It is more than just disbursing salaries to employees on behalf of Employer; it offers an all-in-one banking platform to the employees as well. It makes life easier for employees with convenient banking solutions consisting of multiple products & services at preferential pricing. This is a secured and hassle-free way of banking not just for the employees, but for employers as well.

We are continuously involved in providing innovative solutions, expanding our products/services suite and increasing efficiency to meet the financial needs of Islamic Banking Customers.

Benefits to Employers:

  • Digital Corporate Portal allows you the access of online banking portal to make real-time disbursement to your employees conveniently.
  • Dedicated Operation Team for employee onboarding with no extensive paperwork, and also facilitates in after sales services.
  • Automated Client Onboarding through Bulk Account Opening.
  • ATM Installation is subject to mutual understanding between Employer and the Bank.
  • Consumer Products offering to employees with convenience.
  • Retail Products Cheque book, Debit Card, Digital Banking, Net banking and 24/7 Phone Banking customer services etc.

Benefits to Employees:

UBL Ameen@Work offers Shariah Compliant product with the flexibility of opening “UBL Ameen Employee Banking Current Account” and “UBL Ameen Employee Banking Saving Account” on the basis of Qard and Mudarabah respectively.

  • Riba Free Banking
  • Quick and easy account opening process
  • Auto and Home Financing
  • Investment in Bancatakaful
  • No Minimum Balance Requirement
  • Transactional convenience and privileges
  • Investment in Wealth Management
  • Takaful Coverage

Following are the exclusive benefits for employees having a Payroll account under the arrangement of UBL Ameen@Work:

  • Free Cheque Book
  • Free Debit/ATM Card
  • Free Internet Banking
  • Free Inter-Bank Funds Transfer (IBFT)
  • Free Accidental Takaful Coverage
  • Free E-Statement
  • Free Digital SMS Alert
  • Free Over the Counter Cash Deposit – Countrywide
  • Free Inter Branch Online Transactions – Countrywide
  • No Switch Fee
  • The prevailing Ameen Schedule of Bank Charges shall be applicable.
  • Product Terms and Conditions apply.