UBL Consumer Protection Framework

UBL Consumer Protection Framework

UBL endeavors to provide customers with high quality personalized products and services and to ensure that all its customers are extended fair and equitable treatment. The UBL Consumer Protection Framework has been formulated to ensure that all customers of the Bank are treated fairly. This framework strives to adopt and maintain the principles of fairness across the Bank in all its dealings. Some of the areas, for which this framework provides consumer protection include:

  • Business Strategies
  • Product Design
  • Financial Promotion
  • Sales
  • Complaint Handling
  • Customer Services

Through the UBL Consumer Protection Framework, the Bank intends to ensure:

  • Fair treatment of customers (FTC) is practiced across the Bank without exception.
  • Products and services that are marketed by the Bank are designed to meet the requirements of the targeted consumer groups.
  • Clear and transparent information is given to all customers about the Bank’s offerings.
  • Questions about the products and/or services are encouraged from the customers and responded to clearly and without any ambiguity.
  • Customers’ expectations in terms of product performance and service standards are adhered to strictly.
  • Customers are given due notice of each and every change in the Bank’s offerings.
  • Customers’ personal information is treated strictly as private and confidential.
  • Customers are to be provided quick and effective recourse for their grievances.
  • All complaints are to be handled sympathetically and in accordance with regulatory requirements.
  • The Bank’s staff is trained in ways which promote fair treatment of customers.

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