UBL Visa Classic Debit Card


What is UBL Chip Visa Classic Debit Card?

UBL Visa Classic Debit / ATM Card which is an internationally accepted. Visa Mega Wallet Debit Card allows spending on shopping outlets and cash withdrawals at ATMs.

Services available with UBL chip Visa Classic Debit Card?

  • Withdraw Cash at ATMs locally & internationally.
  • Shop at all outlets that accept Visa locally & internationally.
  • Shop on the internet by activating your ‘internet session’.
  • Funds Transfer Facility.

Where is UBL Chip Visa Classic Debit Card available and what is the eligibility criterion?

You can apply for Visa Classic Debit Card by simply filling in the application form or calling up at the 24/7 Customer Contact Center. All existing and new account holders can apply for this card.

Features & Benefits

Transaction limits in Pakistan of up to PKR 140,000 per day (ATM & POS/Ecommerce) per day (ATM & POS/Ecommerce).

  • No need to carry cash.
  • Safe & Secure.
  • 24x7 access to Contact Center Services at 111-825-888
  • Up to 5 supplementary cards.
  • Discounts and deals at merchants.
  • Global acceptability.

How does the UBL CHIP Visa Classic Debit Card work?

UBL Visa Classic is an ATM / Debit card. Each time cardholder use the card to shop or withdraw money from an ATM; the amount is automatically deducted from customers account.

How to shop using UBL CHIP Visa Classic Debit Card?

UBL Visa Classic Debit Card can be used anywhere Visa is accepted.

On purchases made through this card, cardholder shall give the cashier the card to swipe at the POS terminal. Cardholder shall check the amount printed on the receipt to see if it is correct.

Customer shall be asked to sign the receipt.

The purchase amount will automatically be deducted from the account. Cardholder can continue to use the card until the account balance has been depleted or until the expiry of the card.

How long is my Card valid for?

The valid period is 10 years from the date of issue.

Are supplementary cards available?

Yes up to 3.

Is there anything that customer should know before conducting any transaction with UBL Visa Classic Debit Card?

Customer just needs to be sure of their account balance before conducting any transaction.

In case of internet / online transactions, the cardholder will first need to call up the Contact Center to activate the ‘internet session’.

What does the customer need to do to get the UBL CHIP Visa Classic Debit Card?

  • New to Bank
    • Apply through Account Opening Form
  • Existing
    • Call the UBL Contact Center at 111-825-888
    • Fill out a simple form at the branch in which they are maintaining the account. The branch will forward the request for card to the concerned and in 3-4 business days customer can collect his/her card from the same branch or can be couriered at the accountholders address.

How many Debit cards can the customers subscribe?

Eligible customers can have 1 basic card against their single account with 3 supplementary cards with every basic card.

Can customers get a statement of account for UBL CHIP Visa Classic Debit Card?

Customers may subscribe to our free of cost UBL e-statement facility which offers statements at various frequencies (Daily, Monthly, Weekly & Quarterly).

The customers can get a mini statement of their account by visiting the nearest UBL ATM or by contacting UBL contact centre at 111-825-888.

How to generate the ATM PIN for the UBL CHIP Visa Classic Debit Card?

Customers can generate their ATM PIN through the IVR by calling at 111-825-888.

What to do in case the card is lost?

It is important that customers report the loss immediately by calling at 111-825-888.

Phone banking will block the card and raise a request for replacement card.

Are my transactions using CHIP Visa Classic Debit Card secure?

With the introduction of Chip technology, you can now conduct safe & secure transactions using your UBL Visa Classic Debit Card.