UBL Paypak Debit Card
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UBL Paypak Debit Card

UBL PayPak Debit Card is the local scheme card powered by PayPak-1link. With UBL PayPak Debit Card, you can not only conduct ATM transactions but also retail/purchase transactions anywhere within Pakistan in a secure and convenient way.

UBL PayPak Debit Card enables 24/7 access to your bank account within Pakistan.
It is a convenient payment solution withlower annual fee.

With UBL PayPak Debit Card, you can conveniently pay without worrying about the hassle of carrying cash.

What More

  • Introduction of Chip technology allows you to conduct safer & secure transactions.
  • Exciting discounts and alliances at a host of merchants across Pakistan.

How to Apply


  • Visit nearest UBL branch to open account & apply for UBL PayPak Debit Card


For more information, call 111-825-888