UBL Sahulat Loan


What is Sahulat Loan?

The product Sahulat Loan is a loan facility against your investments which includes

Certificates issued by National Savings Centers are eligible

  • Defense Savings Certificates (DSCs)
  • Special Savings Certificates (SSCs)
  • Regular Income Certificates (RIC)

Deposits with UBL

  • Pak Rupee
  • Foreign Currency

Deposit kept with other Banks / Financial Institutions


  • Any bond issued by GoP is eligible for financing


The bank will not provide loans under this PPM for

  • Financing against Prize Bonds
  • Financing against Shares/Stocks
  • Financing against any Mutual Funds
  • Securities in the name of Minors

Can I avail credit facility against third party investment?

Third party collateral is permissible with exception to securities issued in the name of minors and against certificates issued by National Savings Center GoP

For what purpose can I borrow?

It can be for business purpose or for any personal use

Against what type of investment can I borrow?

Refer to question # 1

How much can I borrow and against my investments?

It depends on the type of your investment held

Type of Investment Borrowing Limit
NSC’s (DSCs/ SSCs/ RICs 90%
Deposits with UBL (PKR) 90%
Deposits with UBL (FCY) 90%
Any bond issued by GoP in PKR 90%
Deposit kept with other Banks / Financial Institutions 90%

What are the financing facilities available?

For Business purpose - All type of facilities are available to address your business needs including Running finance facility, term finance, Letter of Credit, LG, Finance against imported merchandize (FIM) & FTR facility
For Personal needs you can avail Running finance & / or term finance

What is the maximum period for term finance?

Term finance facility is available from one year upto 5 years.

What is the minimum amount that I can borrow?

Business PKR 100,000/-
For salaried / Self Employed: PKR 100,000/-

Who can apply for loan?

Business Purpose: Individual / Proprietorship, Partnership, Private Limited Companies
Personal Needs:Permanent salaried employees and self-employed individuals

My investment is under joint account can I borrow against it?

Yes, you can borrow against it.

Can I avail multiple loans?

Yes, you can apply for multiple loan

What are the requirements for applying a loan?

For Business Propose

  • Audited Financial Requirement
  • CNIC
  • Minimum experience required 2 years

Salaried Individual

  • 6 Month Bank Statements
  • Minimum experience required 2 years (permanent job)
  • Age limit: 21 to 65
  • CNIC
  • Latest Salary Slip
  • Copy of the latest paid bill received at the residential address

Self – Employed

  • CNIC
  • Age limit: 21 to 65
  • Minimum experience required 2 years (permanent job)
  • 6 Month Bank Statements
  • Bank letter for proprietorship
  • Copy of the latest paid bill received at the residential address
  • Financials – Income Estimation duly certified by Chartered Accountant

How can I get loan?

We will forward your request to our relationship management team who will get in touch with you to discuss your requirements.

Can I Early Settlement my Loan?

There is no restriction on settling loans prior to loan maturity date. Principal and mark-up will be recovered accordingly; markup will be recovered based on days utilized.

Do I have access to profit on my investments?

Where deposit is kept with UBL, access to profits on deposits / saving is allowed