CSR 2011
CSR Initiatives

CSR 2011

In 2011, UBL continued under its CSR policy of providing much needed funds to the education, health and community assistance sectors. Some of the projects that the bank took part in included, but were not limited to:


Medical Aid Foundation provides services to the terminally ill patients, through its known institution Rahat Kada hospice care facility; the foundation has commenced construction of another similar health care center. This center will provide state of the art medical care equipment and will also serve as a home for elderly along with segregated section devoted to AIDS patients. In order to help the organization meet its desired objective management has approved donation spread over 3 years.



Marie Adelaide Leprosy Center Center provides OPD treatment to patients of TB, leprosy, skin and eye diseases in Azad Kashmir via Garhi Dupatta Center. UBL has extended continued support in the past few years and the same has been extended for another year.



Memon Medical Institute is 100% donor funded not for profit 32 bed tertiary care hospital with special Child Health program for low income group with the objective of providing physical examination, diagnostic tests, vaccination and basic health education. Management approved a patronage to the Institute to further extend the facility.



Children Welfare School is located in Qayumabad, Karachi, and fulfills educational needs of over 600 students who cannot afford to pay the school fees. Ms. Aysha Usmani runs the school out of her personal funds acquired through inheritance. She has now initiated another similar project in Shirin Jinnah Colony for imparting education to the less privileged, UBL funding was approved for the schools to be paid over three years.



Hisaar Foundation, an organization actively working towards the rehabilitation of the flood affected people in Pakistan, with the assistance of UBL, launched a one year nation-wide post flood relief program named “Project Aab”. The main objective of this project is to provide assistance to the communities affected by the devastating floods of 2010 and enable them to rehabilitate to pre-flood status and return to their homes. Under the project affected communities will be provided support and resources for medium and long-term availability of safe drinking water and food assistance. More Details