Your banking experience Simplified.
With the new UBL Digital app, you will be connected to your money efficiently, like never before.
Everything in your control
Now you can keep track of your spendings and forecast your expenditures efficiently. The new Intelligent Display helps monitor your transactions and keep a check on our wallet from the corner of your eye at all times.
Easy to Access
All you need is your Fingerprint. Touch ID is the new and secure way to access your UBL Digital app.
Smart Layout
Designed to your Intuitive Experience. An Improved layout catering specifically to a user friendly experience.
Beyond Basics
Sophisticated Banking Services. Introducing advanced features making your transactions and banking experience complete.
With UBL Digital Offers, we bring your market place to you. With just a tap, have access to all the Deals and Discounts of your favorite restaurants, stores and service providers near you.
All-new Payment features allows for fast and easy transactions. With Pay step into the world of paperless payables and digitize your Cash Flow.