Features & Benefits
UBL Credit Card Product
Your UBL Credit Card's exciting and value added features will change your life in a manner which will ensure that you constantly enjoy living it.

Features & Benefits

Your UBL Credit Card's exciting and value added features will change your life in a manner which will ensure that you constantly enjoy living it.

Supplementary Cards

To share the value, excitement and benefits of your UBL Credit Card with your loved ones, your UBL Credit Card offers you up to 6 supplementary cards. Anyone with minimum age of 14 years can be your supplementary cardholder.

For your convenience, both your own, and the supplementary card transactions will be clearly itemized in your monthly statement. This will let you know at a glance how the spending took place and who spent how much, hence making it easier to manage the spending on each of your cards. The more spending there is on your supplementary cards, the more Free Road miles or Classic Reward points are earned on your account. The limit on all supplementary cards can be controlled according to your instructions at the time of application, or later by a simple phone call to UBL's 24-hour 'UBL Contact Center' at 111-825-888.

To apply for a supplementary card now, simply call 'UBL Contact Center' at 111-825-888 and give your details to our phone banker for a completely paperless application or fill in the supplementary card application form and mail it to the UBL Card Center along with photocopy of your and your supplementary cardholder beneficiary’s CNIC.

24 Hour Customer Service

By simply calling our 24 hour 'UBL Contact Center' at 111-825-888 or logging onto our website www.ubldigital.com, you can avail the following facilities on your UBL Credit Card, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

  • Complete online access to your card account including credit card transactions and billing statements
  • Pay UBL Card bill

Free Travel Accident Insurance

Each time our Card members use their UBL Credit Card to purchase airline, train or bus tickets, they are automatically covered against any sort of accident that might befall them while traveling:

The coverage amounts are: Classic Card: Up to Rs. 3.5 Million Gold Card: Up to Rs. 7 Million


UBL gives you option of getting statement of your Credit Card electronically that makes it easier for you to manage your statements in hassle free paper less environment.

Zero Loss Liability

Isn't it comforting to know that if you lose your card, you have nothing to worry about! UBL covers you from all fraudulent charges made on your card as soon as you report it lost to us. So make sure that you report the loss immediately after such an incident at 111-825-888. Rest assured that with your UBL Credit Card, you are completely secure against loss and theft.

Comprehensive Health Plan

Age Band Annual rate per person in PKR
Gold Silver Bronze
2 - 24 Years 20,709 13,806 6,903
25 - 39 Years 31,203 20,802 10,401
40 - 49 Years 41,911 27,941 13,970
50 - 59 Years 47,069 31,379 15,690
60 - 64 Years* 52,719 35,146 17,573
65 - 69 Years* 69,814 46,543 23,271


  • Vitality App benefit at additional Rs. 500 / month & telemedicine coverage at additional Rs. 650 / month
  • Prescribed Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy is covered
  • No limit capped on Emergency Local Ambulance Charges
  • Life Insurance coverage of PKR 100,000 due to accident & sickness
  • Up to 30% discount in selected labs and Pharmacy
  • Staff doctor available on call 24 hours for referrals
  • Medical Card for each customer
  • Pre-hospitalization & post-hospitalization covered up to 30 days

UBL Family Security Plan

Life is precious and beautiful. However, it is full of uncertainties and unexpected events life where an injury or death of an earning family member can cause serious problems. To prepare you against such uncertainties in life, UBL Credit Card’s Family Security Plan is the ideal solution. With this plan you can ensure a regular income for your family in the event of an unfortunate accident.

It gives you the flexibility to customize your plan by choosing the insurance plan from our 4 levels of covers depending on your own family needs with which you are most comfortable.

  Plan-1 Plan-2 Plan-3 Plan-4
Benefit – Lump Sum 540,000 900,000 1,800,000 2,700,000
Benefit – Monthly Income Stream for 1 year 45,000 75,000 150,000 225,000
Monthly Premium 90 150 300 450

Child Education Plan

UBL Credit Card now offers Child Education Plan that can secure the future of your children. This plan carries a special benefit that will provide each of your children (aged between 1 to 21 years or full time student below 25 years up to Rs.1,000,000 in case of your accidental death &/or accidental permanent disability – A better tomorrow for your child starts today.

1 Rs. 400,000 Rs. 70
2 Rs. 800,000 Rs. 140
3 Rs. 1,000,000 Rs. 175

Hospital Cash Plan

UBL Credit Card customers can secure themselves and their families against financial emergencies during hospitalization. You can avail up to Rs. 8,000/- cash coverage of each day in hospital.

The following levels of benefit are available to choose from, providing cover in the event of hospitalization anywhere.

Benefit Table

  Executive Plan Deluxe Plan
Daily Cash Benefit (up to 365 days) in case of hospitalization in the event of: PKR
• Illness / bodily injury 2,000 3,000
• Heart attack 4,000 6,000
• ICU admission 6,000 8,000

Monthly Premium Table

  Executive Plan Deluxe Plan
Main Insured / Spouse Age PKR
21 - 35 275 375
36 – 50 425 625
51 - 60 950 1,325
Each child – Age 1 – 20 (50% benefit level) 250 350

Credit Guardian

UBL takes care of its Credit Card members payments in time when they cannot. Our Card members can now get total peace of mind and insure themselves against unforeseen emergencies. In the event of any temporary disability where UBL Card member is unable to pay his/her monthly dues, Credit Guardian allows payment of the outstanding monthly amount. Moreover, in the unfortunate event of permanent disability or death, the entire outstanding amount is waived off. Credit Guardian Facility is available for a minimal fee, charged automatically on the card balance every month.

Buy Today, Pay Later

Your UBL Credit Card gives you the financial flexibility to buy today and pay after a month at no extra charge. You have the option of paying a minimum 5% of the outstanding balance or any other amount of your choice up to your total account balance.

A service charge of only 3.3325% per month will apply to whatever remaining unpaid balance that is carried forward.

Lite Installment Plan (LIP)

Our installment plan branded as Lite Installment Plan (LIP) allows you to purchase goods or avail specific promotions through your UBL Credit Card and repay the transaction amount in Equal Monthly Installment (EMI). You can choose tenures of 3,6,12,18,24,30 and 36 months for repayment.

You can convert any of your retail transaction of Rs. 5,000 and above into LIP. A booking fee as per the prevailing Schedule of Charges is applied on every transaction converted into LIP. You can also avail the option of BTF on LIP, whereby you can pay off your other Credit Cards through your UBL Credit Card and pay back in equal monthly installment at a lower markup.

Low Balance Transfer Rate - Save Big Time

Now you can really save big time with your UBL Credit Card Balance Transfer Facility! You have the opportunity to pay off balances you owe to other banks through your UBL Credit Card on a 0% balance transfer rate for up to 12 months or at a minimal rate for up to 36 months.

Transferring your balances to your UBL Credit Card is simply a phone call away, just call our 24-hour "UBL Contact Center" at 111-825-888.

You can also fill in the Balance Transfer form included in the Welcome Pack and mail it to the UBL Card Center address mentioned on it. Alternatively, you may simply use the drop box facility available at all designated Card Payment Branches nationwide to forward your application.

SMS & Email Alerts

For added security UBL Credit Card offers you SMS Alerts facility which instantly notifies you via SMS whenever a transaction is made on your card.

You can even opt for a Free Email Alert facility which will notify you on all transactions made on your card via email.

To activate these services simply call "UBL Contact Center" at 111-825-888.

Cash Advance

You can now withdraw cash through your UBL Credit Card's instant cash advance facility from any designated UBL Card Payment Branches nationwide and at any ATM and financial institutions worldwide displaying VISA/PLUS logo.

The service charges for cash advance will be applied from the day of the transaction. A cash advance fee will also apply for each cash withdrawal.

Lien Marked Credit Cards

Now you also have a facility to get your UBL Credit Card but keeping a security with the Bank. You can now lien your account with UBL and get 70% of the amount as your credit limit. If you are a house wife, senior citizen, retired person you can now get a Lien marked Credit Card.