UBL Urooj Account

FAQs- UBL Urooj Account

1. What is UBL Urooj account?

UBL Urooj account is a type of current account designed exclusively for women, offering a host of valuable services and discounts on account deposits and loans.

2. In which currencies can UBL Urooj account be availed?

UBL Urooj account is available in Pakistani Rupees (PKR) only.

3. Can women open UBL Urooj accounts jointly with their spouse or other male family members?

No, Urooj account cannot be opened by men, this product is for women exclusively.

4. Can women open UBL Urooj accounts jointly with other women?

Yes, joint accounts can be opened with women.

5. Can I open this account with my daughter who is under eighteen years of age?

No, this account can only be opened with women who are above eighteen years of age.

6. What benefits do I get by opening a UBL Urooj account?

With UBL Urooj account, women get:

  • Free customized Debit Card with women-centric alliances
  • Free UBL Digital app/Internet Banking
  • Free SMS alerts
  • No fees for minimum balance requirement
  • Waiver on locker rent for the 1st year.
  • Personal loan at 1 Year KIBOR + 10%

Plus, other benefits on maintaining an average balance of Rs.100k & above during the last month, such as:

  • 50% waiver on mutual funds front end load
  • Cashback of 4% on personal loans*
  • Cashback of 2% on auto loans*
  • Insurance on 3 year’s school/college fees (local) in case of accountholder’s &/or spouse’s death

*In case of a customer having both personal or auto loans outstanding, only one cashback will be considered on the loan with the least installment amount.

7. Can I get profit on my deposits in UBL Urooj account?

No, profit on deposits will not be paid on UBL Urooj account.

8. I have a Personal/Auto loan outstanding with UBL already. Will I be eligible for a cashback if I open a UBL Urooj account now and maintain the balance requirement of Rs. 100,000?

Yes, if the required average balance is maintained, and if the loan installment deduction account is changed to UBL Urooj account, then cashback will be given.

9. How do I apply for a UBL Urooj account?

To open your UBL Urooj account, you can either Click here to open it digitally, or visit your nearest UBL Branch.

10. What documents do I need to have to open a UBL account?

To open a UBL Urooj account, the following documents are needed:

  • Your national identity document (CNIC, Smart Card, etc.)
  • Your source of funds (for example your salary slip, remittance slip, etc.)
  • Your proof of residence (for example utilities bill (electricity, gas))

In case source of funds is through a dependent, their source of funds proof will be required.
Additional documents may be required depending on a case to case basis.