Collection Solutions
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Collection Solutions

UBL Cash Management collection solutions enhance the client’s collection process and makes the best use of valuable client’s resources. These solutions offer cost‐effective funds collection, improved receivable cycle, quick and enhanced reconciliation process through state of the art customized reporting channels.

A few highlights of our collection product offering includes

  • UBL Cash Collect (Collection via branch network)
  • UBL Net‐banking Collections (for franchise)
  • UBL IVR / Phone Banking Collections
  • Direct Debit (Standing Instruction for Debit of Account)
  • Structured Utility Bills Collections
  • Order Management

UBL Cash Collect

It is a comprehensive cash management collections solution that is specially designed to fit varying collection needs of organizations. With UBL Cash Collect, a particular business collection need can easily be structured, as per customer’s requirement. Under this service all receivables of customer will be routed through our UBL branch network.

Net‐banking Collection

The individual depositor of cash management customers can access UBL net‐banking for their franchise payments to their relevant companies through the UBL Internet Banking 24/7 from anywhere.

IVR/Phone Banking Collection

It is a secured collection mechanism through which payment of individual account holder of UBL can be made to the company via phone call to UBL Contact Centre on dedicated UAN.

Direct Debit Standing Instruction for Debit of Account

This solution offers convenience to manage collections online through which dealer accounts are being debited against the order placed by them.

UBL Bills Collect

A structured utility bills collection solution where each utility consumer number is validated through system and payments are shared with utility company electronically on customized format.

Order Management

An integrated system for the companies for its collection / payments through the online channels / products for its dealers for their order placements.