Cash Withdrawal for UBL Branch Customers
For Walk in Customers at Omni Dukan
To facilitate UBL branch customers, UBL Omni has launched cash withdrawal facility at 42,000+ Omni Dukaans.

Cash Withdrawal for UBL Branch Customers

To facilitate UBL branch customers, UBL Omni has launched cash withdrawal facility at 36,000+ Omni Dukaans. This transaction is for Individual active account holders and active Joint account holders (Either/survivor) with registered mobile numbers. In case of joint accounts with E/S operating instructions, only the primary account holder will be eligible to perform transactions.

Transaction Process

Following is the process flow of transaction:-

  • Customer visits UBL Omni Dukaan with original CNIC
  • Customer provides following details to UBL Omni Dukandar for cash withdrawal:
    • Customer Account Number (with Branch Code)
    • Account Holder’s CNIC number
    • Withdrawal Amount
  • UBL Omni Dukandar enters the above mentioned details on his Agent Portal and checks the original CNIC of the customer
  • Details (including Account title, Mobile No. and CNIC) are displayed at Omni Dukandar’s screen along with Charges and applicable FED
  • Upon successful validation, system will display UBL Account’s holder’s registered mobile number in the encrypted format i.e. 0300****123. If the mobile number is incorrect, it can be updated from branch as per regular process
  • Once Omni Dukandar confirms mobile number from the customer, he clicks “Generate OTP” and a One Time Passcode (OTP) is sent to the registered mobile number via SMS
  • For Joint accounts (i.e. accounts with Either or Survivor operating instructions), only primary accounts holders are eligible to perform transactions, in this case OTP will be sent to the registered mobile number of primary account holder’s CIF in the CBS and CNIC number entered by the agent is validated against the primary account holder’s CIF. Therefore, Secondary account holders cannot perform the transaction
  • Customer is required to input his/her OTP code on agent system
  • This OTP remains valid against that specific Omni Dukaan from where the inquiry has been made and will be valid for 15 minutes
  • After successful transaction acknowledgement SMS is sent to the customer on his/her registered mobile number available with bank on which OTP is being sent

Transaction Limits

The upper transaction limit is capped at Rs. 10,000/- per account per month. The limit is subject to change as per future business need and can be amended considering the approval from SBP.

Note: As per existing process for branch customers, all account status related restraints on cash withdrawal at all channels are also applicable for Omni.