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Sustainability at UBL – 2020

UBL’s Board-approved Sustainability Policy Statement declares that as a responsible corporate citizen, the Bank work towards assisting the less fortunate by supporting causes and empowering communities. Focusing on the sectors of Education, Healthcare, Literature & Arts, Water Scarcity and Natural Disaster Relief, the Bank works both independently as well as in partnership with specialist organizations, to empower disadvantaged sections of the society through economic regeneration and employment creation.

UBL has always strived to consolidate itself as a conscientious and respected corporate citizen. The Bank recognizes its obligation to continuously improve its processes, systems, products and services to create value for the communities it operates in. Through a transparent and prudent Sustainability agenda, UBL aims to encourage a positive impact via projects aimed towards the betterment of the environment, consumers, employees, communities and all its stakeholders.

In 2020, an unprecedented year mired by the ravages of a global pandemic, UBL strived to further its sustainability efforts by venturing into areas that fostered the Bank’s mission to contribute positively to society at large. While a major portion of the projects the Bank participated in during 2020, directly or indirectly, brought relief to those impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, there were many other projects which reinforced the core areas of UBL’s sustainability efforts, i.e. education and healthcare. Employee engagement in some of the projects was encouraged and the UBL team actively volunteered as symbols of hope for their communities.

As recognition for its contributions, UBL was declared one of the top-ten ‘Most Supportive Brands of Pakistan’ during the Covid-19 crisis, by a survey conducted by IPSOS, a multinational market research and consulting firm in 2020.