UBL Launches Pakistan's First Premium Debit Card in Collaboration with MasterCard
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United Bank Limited Launches Pakistan's First Premium Debit Card in Collaboration with MasterCard

31 December 2010 : United Bank Limited (UBL), One of Pakistan's largest private banks, in collaboration with MasterCard Worldwide, recently announced the launch of Pakistan's first Premium MasterCard Debit card program, exclusively designed to cater to the needs of affluent consumers in Pakistan.

Customers who fulfill a stipulated eligibility criteria are being offered the Signature ('Premium') Debit card, as part of UBL's 'Priority Banking' services known as Signature Banking. The Signature service was launched in late 2009 to commemorate UBL's 50th anniversary and offers unmatched exclusive services to UBL's high net worth customers.

UBL Premium MasterCard Debit cards offer cardholders the choice to use their own funds for payments at anytime, as funds are deducted from their bank accounts when transactions are made. MasterCard Debit Cards provide cardholders with a safe and convenient way to pay for goods and services at more than 30 million acceptance locations worldwide without the hassle of carrying cash. Additionally, cardholders can securely use their MasterCard Debit card to make purchases online, over the phone and when traveling overseas.

First Premium Debit Card

In addition to the features and privileges inherent in the card program, UBL has also teamed up with Qatar Airways, and the reputed Avari Hotel chain in Pakistan and Dubai, to provide preferential benefits to UBL Premium MasterCard Debit cardholders.

Najeeb Agrawalla, Group Head, Marketing and Product Management, United Bank Limited., said "This is indeed a momentous occasion for UBL. We are offering a Premium MasterCard card, a first of its kind for Pakistan and are confident that the Premium MasterCard card will not only add value to our financial services proposition but it will also showcase our unrelenting passion and commitment to offer innovative and distinctive payments products.".

Shaun Rashid, Area Head, North Africa and Levant, MasterCard Worldwide said; "MasterCard is pleased to collaborate with UBL in launching the first Premium debit card in Pakistan, designed exclusively for the affluent consumers. The launch of UBL Premium MasterCard Debit card is testament to our commitment to continuously develop innovative payment solutions that meet the needs of a diverse range of consumers. We look forward to continue working with UBL in the future."

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